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Real Stories From Our SEMENAX Users

*Results may vary by individual.

793+ Reviews

My semen increased in volume and comes out thicker”

I have to admit that at the beginning of taking it I did not see any change, but at the same time I remembered that the product is made from natural ingredients and I remembered that natural products take a while to take effect, so I kept taking it and practically three and a half weeks later I began to see the changes and they were excellent. My semen increased in volume and comes out thicker. Now my partner and I are incredibly happy again and I can only thank the creators of this great product. So if you are reading this, what are you waiting for?

– Adalberto S.

“I have noticed an increase in volume and also with the consistency”

I am 68 years old and was feeling like I needed an edge, so I went to Leading Edge Health. I have been using Semenax® for about a month now. I was impressed by the ingredients listed in the formulation. The fact that Leading Edge Health offers a full refund if not satisfied I figured that I had nothing to lose. Semenax® has lived up to the claims so far, I have noticed an increase in volume and with the consistency.

– Larry T.

Carefully Formulated With Only
the Highest Quality Ingredients

Semenax® includes a proprietary active ingredient combination of 100% natural amino acids and potent herbal concentrates from China, Europe, and South America.
We specifically chose each ingredient for its long use in traditional societies and/or scientific track-record.

In fact, while the modern scientific community has only recently discovered most of these ingredients, many ancient cultures all over the world have used them for hundreds and even thousands of years to increase sexual wellness.

Swedish Flower Pollen

Pollen, as the male cell of the plant kingdom, has a well-deserved reputation for extra vim, vigor, and volume. It provides all the bio factors that are the precursors for the sex hormones and micro-nutrients essential for a healthy reproductive system.

L-Arginine HCL

Studies show that L-Arginine HCL supplementation can double sperm and semen volume, improve fertility, and promote sperm health and activity, as well.


Researchers discovered that these amino acids in combination with zinc increase sperm production, stimulate testosterone production, and improve semen quality.

Epimedium Sagittatum

Sometimes called “horny goat weed,” this botanical boosts libido and testosterone levels for greater sperm production.

Zinc Oxide & Zinc Aspartate

Zinc has been shown to increase overall male sexual function by as much as 200% by aiding in the production of testosterone. It’s also thought to make your semen both look and feel thicker in consistency, with a noticeably whiter tone. Zinc has been shown to be particularly effective when combined with L-lysine.


This amino acid occurs in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Research has proven it significantly increases the percentage of highly motile sperm, too.

Catuaba Bark

This Brazilian aphrodisiac has a long history of use since it was first discovered by the Tupi Indians. It’s commonly used to boost libido, enhance staying power, and improve overall mood. It’s also considered to be a stimulant for the central nervous system.

Pumpkin Seed

Naturally high in zinc, pumpkin seed has shown to be useful in supporting overall prostate health, thereby helping to increase the health, volume and quality of semen. (See Zinc Oxide.)


This herbal found in the Andes has been used as far back as the Incas to boost energy and sexual function. It’s known for improving energy, stamina, and endurance.

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Money-Back Guarantee

You risk nothing trying SEMENAX!

That’s because SEMENAX comes with our
60-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

  • If you’re not 100% thrilled about SEMENAX, simply return the bottles for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping & handling
  • Get ready to experience sexual power, pleasure & performance. You’ll be shocked and then thrilled at the results!
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Semenax

Semenax is an all-natural proprietary formula designed to maximize the male orgasm. This male enhancement supplement could help to maximize the pleasure you get from cumming.

Semenax works to nourish the male reproductive system, resulting in massive, highly pleasurable orgasms for you.

Semenax can:

Enhance Orgasm Intensity
Maximize Semen Volume
Improve Ejaculatory Control
Increase Ejaculatory Force

Each Semenax pill works to make sure that you cum hard and long, leaving you and your partner completely satisfied.

Each Semenax pill comes loaded with clinically backed all-natural ingredients. And each ingredient’s dosage has been optimized to give you power-packed orgasms.

The 100% natural ingredients in Semenax include:

Swedish Pollen Flower
L-Arginine HCL
Zinc Oxide
Catuaba Bark
Pumpkin Seed
Vitamin E
Zinc Aspartate
Muira Puama
Hawthorn Berry

This mix of herbs, vitamins, and minerals supplies each Semenax pill with mighty power to take your cum loads to the next level.

Semenax has zero known adverse side effects. Each ingredient has undergone rigorous testing while proving safe and effective at every step. Our customers have been using Semenax for years without any reported issues!

Semenax has shown zero side effects in our customers and trial participants. Each Semenax pill delivers loads of nourishing nutritional value for your reproductive system.

Take 2 Semenax pills (recommended serving) every morning and enjoy the nourishing goodness all day.

Look no further than here. Leading Edge Health offers the lowest prices on Semenax, excellent shipping rates, and a 67-day money-back guarantee. Scroll up on this page to purchase thru Clickbank. If you’re unhappy with your results, get your money back.

Semenax is not an overnight miracle pill.

But you may see results in as little as 2 weeks. Many users report massively humongous climaxes in just 14 days.

However, for some, it may take up to 1 month.

Semenax is full of masculine enhancing properties. It doesn’t improve feminine health.

We’re proud to say that Semenax has undergone clinical testing. And the results were exhilarating.

In 2011, a 2-month double-blind study of 63 men (aged 30-60) found that participants given Semenax pills showed increases of 20% in semen volume. The same men also reported massively more intense orgasms.

If you’re a guy struggling with weakened orgasms or decreasing pleasure from sex, then Semenax could help you take charge of your sexual health.

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