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The Science Behind The Semenax® Formulation

What makes the Semenax® formulation so vastly superior to the other so-called 'ejaculate boosters' on the market today is its triple-threat combination of (1) intensive clinical research, (2) optimized dosing, and (3) the finest quality ingredients available.

Every ingredient in the Semenax® formulation has been chosen for inclusion based on its proven track record and history of measurably increasing the volume of semen you ejaculate with every orgasm.

So you enjoy orgasms that not only feel more intense – your ejaculations are more visually impressive too!

The Formulation Includes:



Ingredient, Swedish Flower

Flower pollen is the 'male seed' of the flower – and Swedish Flower Pollen is a concentrated form of this potent male virility extract that's gained notoriety in the last decade among alternative health practitioners as an effective natural application for an enlarged prostrate, not as a replacement for medication but as a natural booster.

It's already widely used in Europe and Asia for addressing enlarged prostate, and it's just starting to gain notice here in North America for its sexual health and prostate benefits.

For men interested in increasing their ejaculate volume, Swedish Flower is useful as it promotes optimal functioning of the prostrate – which plays a key role in your production of seminal fluid! Plus, it's also thought to be beneficial for promoting healthy urine flow, immune system regulation, liver protection, cholesterol control, and more.

Swedish flower pollen is made by collecting the seed husks of various flowering plants, and then fermenting them using a special process that destroys toxins and moulds while leaving key nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes intact.


Ingredient, L-Arginine

Clinical studies have proven there are significant sexual health benefits to be enjoyed through supplementation of the semi-essential amino acid L-arginine. In studies, it has been proven to measurably increase men's sexual health and function, by as much as DOUBLING semen volume. Plus, L-arginine is used in the production of nitric oxide, which is responsible for relaxing blood vessels to increase blood supply to the penis for harder, more intense erections.

As well, L-arginine has been shown in clinical studies to as much as TRIPLE your 'youth hormone' (HGH) levels while improving your performance during high-intensity workouts and sexual activity. Plus, it helps to increase fat burning, build muscle tissue, boost immunity, promote healing, and more!


Ingredient, L-Lysine

This essential amino acid is necessary for our health, but our bodies can't manufacture it. Studies have shown that L-lysine taken in combination with zinc can help to increase sperm production, boost your natural production of testosterone.

What's more, when L-lysine is supplemented in combination with L-arginine, it has been shown to be as much as ten times more potent than taking L-arginine on its own.



Ingredient, Epimedium Sagittatum also known as Horny Goat Weed

Sometimes referred to as 'horny goat weed,' epimedium sagittatum has gained significant attention in the medical community for its ability to substantially increase blood flow to the penis with increased levels of nitric oxide – which is the mechanism targeted by prescription erection pills.

It's also known for increasing libido and boosting testosterone production.

Epimedium sagittatum is well known in Asia, used for centuries as a libido enhancer and is frequently prescribed by doctors to improve overall erection function and increase fertility. It's also a legendary aphrodisiac.


Ingredient, Zinc Oxide

Zinc has been shown to increase overall male sexual function by as much as 200% by aiding in the production of testosterone. It's also thought to make your semen both look and feel thicker in consistency, with a noticeably whiter tone. Zinc has been shown to be particularly effective when combined with L-lysine.


Ingredient, L-Carnitine

A ground breaking study performed in 2003 showed the L-carnitine therapy can be particularly effective for increasing semen quality with increased sperm concentration and improved sperm motility. What's more, another study showed that L-carnitine may be useful in treating varicocele, a leading cause of male infertility.



Ingredient, Catuaba Bark

This Brazilian aphrodisiac has a long history of use since it was first discovered by the Tupi Indians. It's commonly used to boost libido, enhance staying power, and improve overall mood (with anti-depressant qualities). It's also considered to be a stimulant for the central nervous system.


Ingredient, Pumpkin Seed

Naturally high in zinc, pumpkin seed has shown to be useful in supporting overall prostate health, thereby helping to increase the health, volume and quality of semen. (See Zinc Oxide.)


Ingredient, Maca

A study published in the Journal of Urology (April 2000) found that Maca helps increase sexual desire, potency, and energy – nearly DOUBLING the sexual activity of those test subjects who took it for 21 days!

This herbal found in the Andes has been used as far back as the Incas to boost energy and sexual function. It's known for improving energy, stamina, and endurance and is thought by some to ameliorate infertility, though more research is required to establish this as fact.



Ingredient, Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that acts as a mild blood thinner. It's good for your arteries and has shown to be beneficial for improving men's sexual function. Many medical studies have been done showing that Vitamin E can help address curvature of the penis.


Ingredient, Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract is a rich source of OPCs (plant flavonoids) and has been sold in France for decades. It's found to contain antioxidants that are highly useful for sexual function. Plus the OPCs stimulate nitric oxide production – essential for getting hard, thick erections. Beneficial effects have been found to kick in within 90 days of supplementation.


Ingredient, Muira Puama, also known as Murapuama

Known as 'potency wood', this flowering shrub of the Amazon rainforest has a long history of medicinal use by the indigenous people of Rio Negro in South America. However, it really became known after Dr. Jacques Waynsberg at the Institute of Sexology (Paris) completed a study in 1990 where 62% of men who took muira puama extract experienced an increase in sex drive, and 51% of men reported improved erectile function. Muira puama is also thought to be excellent for improving libido, as well as increasing mental alertness.



Ingredient, Hawthorne

Used since the 19th century, Hawthorne is one of the most popular herbals prescribed in Europe today with its series of potent antioxidants and bioflavonoids that benefit the entire cardiovascular system. Of particular note for men interested in improving their erectile function, Hawthorne is excellent for improving blood circulation while strengthening blood vessel walls. Hawthorne helps to improve the intensity and hardness of your erections.


Ingredient, Cranberry Extract

This lesser-known aphrodisiac was first used by Native Americans and later by European settlers, though references to cranberry in relation to sexual fitness are found in Finland, too. It's well known for promoting health of the urinary tract… but more recently, it's gaining attention for its many benefits in promoting men's sexual health. Cranberry extract is a source of several nutrients that are essential for optimal sexual health including Vitamin C and A. As well, it's loaded with anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that are thought to increase frequency of sexual thoughts, as well as maintain erections.


Ingredient, Sarsaparilla aka Smilax Ornata

Sarsaparilla (smilax ornata) has diuretic and restorative properties and may help address urinary problems. The steroidal-like substances in sarsaparilla are thought to help increase feelings of sexual desire in men.



Ingredient, Avena Sativa also known as Wild Oat Straw

This extract of wild oat grass is thought to increase your levels of free testosterone by increasing levels of lutenizing hormone, making the testosterone more active. It's thought to increase frequency of sexual thoughts and activity, and is recommended in combination with other potent herbals for improved erectile function.


Ingredient, Butea Superba

Considered an Aphrodisiac this herb is grown in Thailand and is traditionally used by Thai men to boost sexual performance and libido.


... And remember: Semenax® is manufactured in the United States by the same cGMP manufacturer that major retailers like Wal-mart use to produce name-brand vitamins. And, all of our ingredients are tested for purity prior to production.

Because your satisfaction and results start with our promise to deliver the FINEST 'ejaculate boosting' formulation, using the highest quality ingredients available.


* Semenax does not specifically claim that this particular product has all the effects that others claim for these herbs and other ingredients.

** Money-Back Guarantee is of purchase price only, not shipping and handling.